Take a look at our master students’ short films about sustainability.

The master students in studio 3A and 3B have been guided by the keywords protect, provide and participate in a workshop about sustainability issues and the challenges posed by climate change. The students have also explored the reciprocal benefits of simultaneously addressing the climate threat and the shaping of cities.

The stimulus for the workshop was derived from postulated narratives, fiction and scientific knowledge. The outcome is 12 short films that illustrate a global problem. The ambition is that the narrative should create a link from the geopolitical climate agenda to geo-innovative potentials.

On the Move

Wars, earthquakes, dictatorships… millions of people are on the move for many different reasons. It results in an enormous shifting of population from rural to the urban areas. People are attracted to the cities. But if you don’t understand the system, you’ll be cast out.

Video created by Anyana Zimmermann

Discarded Resources

The amounts of waste we produce and the amounts of resources we extract from the earth on a yearly basis are depleting the earth of its resources, endangering our existence as well as all life on earth. Can waste become a resource to prevent depletion?

Video created by Rima Murad

Ready, Steady, Shop

There are things we need and things we want. What drives us to buy the clothes, homewares, and accessories that in time we will discard? We have been socialised to express ourselves through objects.

Video created by Alex Williams

Conscious Consumerism

The idea of conscious consumerism can blind us to the extent that we let our organic products travel half the world and still believe we’re doing good.
These symbolic gestures present a convenient and slightly naive version of ”change” that only serves the purpose of mending the guilty conscience of the well-off.

Video created by Casper Østerbye

At Your Service

There is a vicious cycle of renewal of our products. Planned obsolescence is no longer a conspiracy; a well-established methodology is conditioning us to keep renewing our products. Is technology serving us, or are we serving it?

Video created by Denis Ismaili

Manifesto for Memory

Sometimes our memories are strong enough to pull us into an invincible and self-destructive fight against decay, which we have begun to fear. Even though death and disappearance are unavoidable and final, they are at the same time absolutely ordinary parts of life. Instead of living in fear or denial, we could accept the inevitable and explore the potentials that might appear after letting things go.

Video created by Marleen Stokkeby

Acts of Separation

The foundation myth of our civilisation has convinced us that humanity is separate from nature. The film alludes to our progressive acts of separation and the inherent dissonance of this split expressed in the act of building. Will we, as architects, continue our pursuits of exacerbating this schism between man and nature, as we have always done, by continuing to build towers of folly? As a largely self-aware species, how can we continue our pursuit of the sublime while being considerate to our shared ecosystem?

Video created by Kevin Kuriakose

Seeking Asylum and Generosity

In our mistrust and our fear, our ignorance and our selfishness, we turn a blind eye or spit out obtuse accusations at immigrants. Christina is a first generation Australian-born daughter to Vietnamese refugee/migrant parents. Her father sought safety after fleeing Vietnam in 1978 and was welcomed by the Australian community.
She hopes by sharing her father’s story of gratitude, and the journey it took to find shelter, she can encourage society to remember their generosity and empathy, to shift our perceptions on what asylum seekers and their lives are.

Video created by Christina Erng

There and back again

The journey of the cod portrayed in ‘There and back again’ is possible because the cheap labour costs in China financially outweigh the cost of freezing and shipping the cod for 28 days each way. This is just one example of the absurd and illogical ways in which we have come to manage our resources. People have become completely detached from the production of their resources, thus allowing processes to become unsustainable and greedy.

Video created by Lydia Stott


Mindful is a short, solo film project undertaken in the first two weeks of the fall semester 2017 at the Aarhus School of Architecture. It depicts a conflicted state of mind, the ‘bucket’ representing varying possibilities. There are themes of urbanism and social structures, a questioning of who the city is for and what part the individual plays. The stop-animation techniques are a complete first for me; it has been a learning curve and something I would like to continue to develop.

Video created by Jeff Tighe


Knowledge is a short film about the importance of sharing the knowledge that we possess. In an ever-changing and diverse world, we have to acknowledge that within every generation and culture we have a massive amount of knowledge stored, knowledge that we may easily lose.

Video created by Signe Ross

Welcome to USS

Welcome to United Sustainable State!
If you wish to become a citizen of USS, first of all, your application will be reviewed during a brief introductory appointment. During that appointment, an applicant will be provided with information concerning USS principles, restrictions, government programmes and required corrections of lifestyle. USS, a choice for a better future!

Video created by Alina Boris