Exhibition: FORSK!

When architects research

At a recent exhibition called FORSK! / When architects research Aarhus School of Architecture exhibited the research of its PhD fellows.

In line with the school’s slogan: Engaging through Architecture, many of the exhibited projects reflected on and responded to the challenges we face as a society – in an attempt to contribute positively to the world around us.

The exhibited projects comprised models, drawings, films, texts, objects and prototypes.

The publication

To accompany the exhibition we released a publication explaining the purpose of the exhibition and presenting the exhibited projects of our PhDs.

We invite you to explore the many and varied research projects online:

Research by design

The exhibition and the projects covered the three focus areas of the school: transformation, sustainability and habitation. In recent years, the school has emphasised the research method called research by design. This method, which we believe is an important tool for strengthening cooperation between research and practice, was used in many but not all of the projects.

Head of Research Charlotte Bundgaard explains the focus of the exhibition:

“In research by design, the architectural design process shapes the very way we create new insights, knowledge, practices, or products. Critical questions are raised through design work. Through its focus on research by design, the school emphasises the development of research that is in  close dialogue with design methods, processes, and the processes of the discipline, creating awareness by working directly and physically with the subject matter, initiating experiments that explore, develop, and challenge.

The exhibition was part of The Danish Science Festival and ran in parallel with the CA2RE conference.

The exhibition was supported by Beckett-Fonden and Dreyers Fond.

_MG_0529 800x600 galleri

A photo from the exhibition

_MG_0519 800x600 galleri

A photo from the exhibition

_MG_0609 800x600 galleri

A photo from the exhibition