Our Strategy of collaboration

We study, experiment, reflect and produce architecture

External collaboration is an integral part of the activities of Aarhus School of Architecture in all academic areas. Our vision for the school is to be a focal point of new knowledge about architecture.

At the school we study, experiment with, reflect on and produce architecture based on a solid academic grounding. It is, consequently, natural for us to reach out and engage with society, to engage in dialogue with business and industry and related academic areas.

Our aim is to exchange knowledge and experience. We work determinedly on creating binding collaborations through specific educational efforts and academic projects. The school is pursuing new paths, immerses itself in new areas and engages with discussions in society.

Close relations to business and industry

Also, our ambition is that, through studies and internships, the school’s students should build strong relations to the profession; that they should acquire knowledge about what being a practising architect is like and about the role of architecture in society.

We want our students to position themselves as practising architects early on and to have a well-reflected and independent approach to how they would like to contribute to the world of architecture in a wider field. This should increase their focus on finding employment after graduation.

You can also enter into more strategic and formal partnerships with the school.

Strategic initiatives

We are strengthening the following three overall areas:

  • Cooperation on teaching
  • Research partnerships
  • Internationalisation

Across the areas, we are working on several specific initiatives, including:

  • Starting up key projects – nationally and internationally
  • Developing formats that create direct contacts and exchanges between students, the profession and other professional backgrounds
  • Developing formats that create networks and knowledge exchanges between researchers, the profession and other professional backgrounds
  • Opportunities for external users to use the school’s facilities
  • Initiatives aimed at fully-qualified architects

The vast majority of projects and initiatives are carried out in a network consisting of managers and teachers who cooperate to continuously develop and implement high academic quality.

In addition to this, our teachers and researchers initiate projects with external local, national and international partners, public institutions and networks within their academic areas.

Examples of collaboration

The school collaborates with many different companies, networks and institutions. The following are examples of selected business partners that cooperate with the school on a permanent basis:


Teaching Associate Professor Anne Mette Boye is responsible for the overall development of the relationship to practice. You are welcome to contact her if you are interested in cooperating with the school.