Research labs

Our goal is to continuously sharpen our research profile. The scientific staff has therefore been reorganized in three large research labs established around a limited number of relevant research areas addressing current challenges to society and architecture.

These research labs have been initiated to strengthen the networks and collaborations, the external research funding and seek closer collaborations with practice. The research labs also help to strengthen the collaboration and knowledge sharing between the researchers at the school.

The Research Labs will contribute to research within the school’s three focus areas – Habitation, Transformation, and Sustainability – as well as in the field of research by design.

Research Lab 1: Territories, Architecture, and Transformation

To qualify the current transformation processes and address future needs and potentials within the field of architecture and urbanism.

Lab description
The research lab will include and integrate research that deals with the issue of transformation across scales, superimposed layers from different ages and practices within architecture. These transformation processes are also understood as value-based discussions as gentrification, shrinking, recycling, rewilding etc. Read more (PDF)

Coordinator: Professor Tom Nielsen

Research Lab 2: Technology, Building Cultures and Habitation

The vision of the Lab is to engage in society by challenging habits and boundaries in academia and practice. The Lab aims at bringing theory and practice together, by focusing on research within and across the fields of architectural technology and building cultures, material, craft, history and theory.

Lab description
The laboratory understands technology in the light of the original concept of ‘techné’, which is closely related to the realm of the arts, poetics and tectonics – and thus, obviously, to the field of ‘archi-tectonic’ matters.

Building Cultures are understood as the technical practices of building and assembling, as well as the manifold social, political, philosophical and representational concepts of architecture in a historical and present perspective. Read more (PDF)

Coordinator: Professor Thomas Bo Jensen

Research Lab 3: Emerging Architectures and Sustainability

To contribute to reducing the growing gap between global and local societal challenges related to space and architecture on one hand and the present decline of large sectors of the profession on the other.

Lab description
Lab Emerging Architectures focuses on research in the relationship between growing and changing societal and environmental challenges for producing space and the competences, mindset and methods of the architectural profession to address these challenges. Read more (PDF)

Coordinator: Professor Walter Unterrainer