Special Educational Support (SPS)

Students with physical or mental disabilities can apply for disability support (SPS). SPS is granted to students with reading, writing and speaking disabilities, to hearing impaired and deaf individuals, vision impaired and blind students as well as to students with physical and mental disabilities.


Applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must provide proof that your disability prohibits you from completing the education on the same terms as other students.
  • You must provide documentation from a relevant health care professional. If you are unable to acquire documentation, the SPS staff at the School of Architecture can help you apply for funds from the Ministry of Education for acquiring the necessary documentation.
  • Your disability must be applicable for compensation.
  • You must be a Danish citizen, included in an international agreement or be eligible for equation with Danish citizens.

You can apply for SPS when you have been admitted to a degree at the school. However, we highly recommend that you notify us at the time of application, if you need support. This way, we can begin the application for support for you quickly.

Opening hours

Tuesday and Thursday 10.00 – 12.00