Career Lab

Not sure what you want to work with when you graduate? Or are you unsure whether you can realise your dream of starting your own company? Most students experience insecurity and doubt during their education. We want to help you overcome this.

The Career Lab can help you clarify your skills and advise you on how you gain relevant experience. You can discuss ideas with us and get feedback when you are creating your portfolio, writing a job application or working on your CV.


Personal career guidance

With personal career guidance, you get constructive advice and inspiration on student life seen from a professional perspective. We focus on your resources, your personal and professional motivation and your ability to act. We can help you manage obstacles that may arise in terms of jobs and assist you in clarifying your personal and professional skills.

Contact us for a personal conversation with the career counsellor.

The Career Lab recommends

It is a good idea to get practical experience and build a professional network during your education. We recommend that you use your time in education to specialise within your chosen architectural profession by:

  • getting a relevant student job
  • engaging in professional collaborations
  • including an internship as part of your degree

This way, you get practical experience and build a network, increasing your job opportunities when you graduate.

In Spe

You can also join the student-run organisation In Spe. In Spe arranges events focused on the architectural career, entrepreneurship, and networking for students.