Robot lab

Digital methods of processing in full-scale

The Robot Laboratory is equipped with a large, full-scale ABB IRB 6620 robot and nine small ABB IRB 120 robots.

The school keeps an inventory of tools ranging from grippers and LED light modules to hotwire cutters and CNC milling heads. Using the 3D print lab, we are also able to fabricate custom tools and connectors, so come with an idea, and see if we can make it happen.

Small robots

We have set up nine, handy ABB IRB 120 robots on tables. They work in the same way as the large ABB robot, but they are portable and easier to use.

Examples of current use include drawing with LED lights, recording video, hotwire cutting of EPS foam for model making, or making moulds for casting; 3D scanning using a Xbox Kinect, picking and placing lots of small objects, or gripping sheet material using the suction grippers.


Photo: Ryan Hughes.


Photo: Ryan Hughes.


Photo: Ryan Hughes.

Large robot

In a separate lab, we have set up an ABB IRB 6620 industrial robot capable of carrying out several digital methods of processing in full-scale (1:1), including filament cutting, CNC milling of foam and softer materials, as well as gripping and placing larger objects such as bricks and pieces of wood. The large robot is used mainly for research purposes and fabrication workshops.


Photo: Ryan Hughes.


Photo: Ryan Hughes.


Photo: Ryan Hughes.

Opening hours and instruction

Monday – Thursday 9.00 – 16.00
Friday 9.00 – 12.00

For safety reasons the large ABB robot is only accessible as part of specific courses with trained personnel. If you want to use the IRB 6620 for research purposes, you can make an individual appointment, or you can participate in the introduction workshop to get a certificate. The certificate will enable you to use the Robot Lab during opening hours.

Lab safety

Before you can use the fabrication labs, you must sign a declaration that you are covered by a full-time accident insurance and that you have completed an introductory course in safety and the use of workshop machinery.


Ryan Hughes can help with advice on whether something can be done, help preparing files, access to the lab and with general information about the lab.