Internships abroad

You can do your internship anywhere in the world. The same rules apply as for internships in Denmark; the internship must be approved based on an internship contract with the company and an internship agreement. Also, the same rules about filling in a log and drawing up an internship report apply.

Start the application process early

Preparing for an internship abroad and acquiring the necessary documents and visa as well as making practical arrangements take time. Typically, making all the necessary arrangements can take up to four months. It is consequently a good idea to begin the process early.

It is not possible to demand faster processing time due to the fact that your internship start date is approaching – the immigration services have many applications to process.


Many countries require a special visa for internship students, regardless whether the internship is paid or not. Contact the company (place of internship) or the relevant embassy or consulate to find out whether there are specific rules you have to follow.

Specific for the USA

Students who are interested in completing their internship in the USA must apply for a special visa for internship students. In order to obtain this visa, students must have a visa sponsor who has been approved by the American immigration authorities (INS). There are several visa sponsors. The Aarhus School of Architecture has a collaboration agreement with the following:

Alliance Abroad Group, L.P.
Contact: Claudia Reichstein

Danmark-Amerika Fondet

Students may not undertake an internship on a tourist visa.

If a student does not have a correct internship visa, he or she loses the right to an insurance claim in case of illness, accident, etc. Furthermore, the student may be retained and prosecuted or deported.

Travel and health insurance

It is crucial that internship students purchase the correct health and travel insurance for their time abroad. After receiving an internship offer, find out from the company how you are covered through them. Especially 3rd party liability and home transport are important factors.

Students undertaking internship within the EU must have a blue health insurance card. This card can be acquired by contacting your municipality or through

When travelling to countries outside EU, you must, for most countries, purchase health and accident insurance.