Student organisation for innovation, entrepreneurship and networking

InSpe is an organisation run by students who are interested in innovation, entrepreneurship and networking.

InSpe means hoping to become.

Throughout the school year, we invite all students to events, cafés and workshops exploring the many variations of the architect’s work life.


Portfolio event, fall 2015.

virksomheds start-up

How to start your own business, fall 2015.


Portfolio event, fall 2015.

We ask questions such as how to make a portfolio for your future interviews or how to start your own company. We discuss and dissect the many possibilities for the students as future architects.

If you want to be a part of InSpe, have questions or issues you want to discuss, you are more than welcome to visit us every Monday and Friday from 12.00 – 13.00 in the Education Secretariat – or write an email to

Meetings with us are informal and non-committal. The main purpose being brainstorming ideas for events and other initiatives that promote our objectivities and visibility.

Meetings are open to anyone, regardless whether you want to stop by occasionally or participate on a regular basis. The agenda is open to all students, who can add issues to forthcoming meetings by announcing them at meetings or by emailing us.