Become an Architect

Would you like to help develop our future physical environment? And are you interested in architectural practice with an artistic approach?

Based on a Scandinavian architectural tradition the Aarhus School of Architecture aims to educate the very best architects in an international study environment.

We emphasise the traditional core skills of architecture – design and form creation as a process and the ability to work in spatial and visual terms with an artistic and holistic approach.






Bachelor’s degree programme

Bachelor studies at the school span three years and leads to the degree Bachelor of Arts.

The first year of BA studies is devoted to a general introduction to the field of architecture. From the second year, all students choose to follow one out of three teaching programmes.

The teaching programmes have either transformation, habitation or sustainability as their particular focus, but all BA students acquire the same fundamental tools and the same knowledge about architecture history and theory, statics, and digital fabrication.

During the third year, the students attend a three-week bachelor internship.  The sixth and final semester of the programme is devoted to the bachelor project.

This bachelor programme is taught in Danish only but is open to all applicants who meet the Danish Language Proficiency requirement.

Master’s Degree Programme

Master studies at Aarhus School of Architecture span two years and lead to the degree Master of Arts in Architecture. The degree enables you to work in the fields of architecture, planning, and design, or with architectural research.

During the first year of MA studies, the students either choose to continue on the teaching programme they picked on the BA or they switch to another programme. In either case, they follow the selected teaching programme for the remaining study period.

The students are organised in studios that allow for specialisation in e.g. sustainability or urban planning. Theory-based teaching and supervision from external mentors in subjects related to practice are mandatory elements of the MA programme.

The MA students can choose to do a six-month internship during the first year of the programme. The fourth and final semester of the MA programme is devoted to the graduation project.

Master programme

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