Teaching Programme 1: Transformation

All study programmes will develop the school’s general vision: Engaging through Architecture and the three focus areas: Transformation, Habitation and Sustainability, in teaching programme 1 with an emphasis on Transformation.

Teaching programme 1 will be devoted to studying the current transformation processes going on within the field of architecture and urbanism.

The study programmes will focus on transformations like urban development, landscape development and regeneration that will and can be linked with investigations of the transformation and potential restoration and evaluation of existing building stock, and proposals for both large-scale transformations and small scale interventions regarding the practice of humans in urban spaces.

The master study programme in Teaching Programme 1 will be devoted to studying and experimenting with transformation processes going on within the field of architecture that includes cultural heritage, landscape and urbanism. Our programme seeks to create knowledge and strategies for how a substantial understanding and use of this architectural culture can be utilised in creating the architectural heritage of tomorrow.

This master study programme will work as one large study environment, sharing a specific context or theme. Students will be asked to choose between project approaches that are partly interconnected, but allow for specialisation relating to either: