Behind the scenes of the contemporary modes of architectural production

A PhD project by Angela Gigliotti

After the second world war and again recently the mode of production within architecture has faced some junctures and transformations: as an outcome the Profession has been challenged more and more by the increasing complexities of our contemporary time changing its mechanisms (i.e. modes of production).

The research aims to contribute to the relationship between the Education of Architects and the Profession of Architecture in Denmark. If the Profession is changing, this shift is of high interest also for the Education that seeks to establish an interaction with it, investing time and resources to intervene in this gap facilitating the passage for the students.


The principal research questions are:

  • How to find new acting strategies in the above-mentioned gap?
  • Which are the new ways to negotiate, make transitions or even build up tensions or boosting differences between “how the architecture is taught” and “how architects work”?

The point of departure is the definition of how the global and local influencers are able to shape the Profession and its mechanisms.

Globally the research looks at the digital revolution and the superimposition of the so-called clouds within the economy of collective knowledge and their combination with recent economic  crises, the 24/7 workflow and the “end of sleep”; while locally it addresses the founding principles and the actual policies of the Welfare State, the labour market conditions and the evolution of the building construction sector in Denmark.

From this, using the grounded theory method, a number of Practices will be investigated to delineate specific mechanisms used to face the contemporary challenges. There will be two time spans: the Trente Glorieuse (1945-75) and the Contemporary Twenties (1993-2016) using both archival material and fieldwork to collect data.

Once the mechanisms will be identified, some of them will be introduced as an experimental pedagogy for designers. The contribution will favourably interfere and be contextualized within the existing activities of collaboration with the Profession within the School.

Period: 1 September 2016 – 31 August 2019