Systemic Architecture

From cyber-gardens to bio-cities

A PhD project by Marco Poletto


This research explores the convergence of biotechnologies and advanced digital design with the ambition to articulate a synergistic relation of machine and nature. We radicalize the ideal of adaptive architecture away from the dichotomy natural vs. synthetic to focus on a new cybernetic design framework where biologic, human and digital systems co-evolve.



To test these synergies we design apparatuses which combine biological computation, distributed sensing/data gathering, digital prototyping. Key series are the ecoMachines, MetaFollies, cyberGardens and BioCities.


Design multi-scalar platforms of emergent collective intelligence. Develop architectures with advanced optimizing behaviour, integrated living matter and production of energy/food.



Period: 14 April 2015 – 15 April 2018



This PhD project is a part of Adapt-r

Adapt-r is a creative practice research model funded by EU, Marie Curie ITN funding. It aims to train creative practice researchers in the explication and dissemination of tacit knowledge and latent cognitive resources to build a new generation of research-led practitioners able to meet the complex and often competing demands of contemporary Europe.