About the PhD Programme

The PhD programme is a research education lasting 3 years. You perform an independent PhD project under the guidance of experienced researchers and become part of a group of PhD students who meet regularly and contribute to a lively research environment.



PhD fellow Maya Lahmy with Assistant Professor Niels Martin Larsen.


PhD Fellow Espen Lunde Nielsen.


PhD Fellow Anders Kruse Aagaard working with concrete.


The study is largely an individual programme organized jointly by you and your supervisors and described in a PhD plan. The study is progressing primarily as a self-study course supplemented in part by generic doctoral courses, partly by courses on specific topics of particular relevance to individual PhD projects.

The PhD School

PhD students are enrolled at the PhD School which is responsible for the training elements of the PhD programme and provides a working environment for PhD students. The PhD School offers courses and seminars for both PhD students and PhD supervisors and the school organizes open biannual presentation seminars, where the PhD students present their projects and discusses the progression with each other and the school’s PhD supervisors.

The PhD School is run by the Head of the PhD School and a PhD committee with members representing both supervisors and PhD students.

Career Opportunities

A PhD degree in architecture can be the beginning of a career as a researcher or lecturer at a university or research institution, or it can provide a basis for specialization and professionalization aimed at industry and practitioners of the architectural profession.