The PhD Study

When you start your PhD study a main supervisor and a secondary supervisor will be appointed to your PhD project. The supervisors acts as mentors and will help you to master the complexities of high level research and will also guide you through the formalities of the PhD study.


The PhD Project and thesis

The PhD project is a research project and you will present the final result in a thesis that must match international standard for doctoral dissertations in the field of architecture and design and comply with the standards of research activities, including the methodology and problem consciousness that is common to all scientific research. The research and your thesis is defended at a public defence.

Research training

Parallel to your own research you must obtain 30 ECTS point by participating in courses on generic topics such as methodology, theory of science, academic writing etc. as well as more specific courses related to your own topic of research.

Another learning aspect is to disseminate your findings and to cooperate with representatives of other research environments both nationally and internationally. You are required to take part in international conferences, seminars etc. to exercise your ability to describe and explain your research and to go abroad for a short period to encounter another research tradition and environment.