Algae installation at the harbour

Exhibition and opening event at Dome of Visions 22 May

Would you like to experience a living, interactive, architectural folly? Then drop by Dome of Visions at the harbour on Monday for the opening event of the installation Urban Algae Folly.

When: 22 May 2017 at 16.00
Where: Dome of Visions, Inge Lehmanns Gade, 8000 Aarhus C

Everybody is welcome to join the opening event or check out the installation, that will be exhibited next to Dome of Visions 22 May – 25 June 2017.


Urban Algae Folly.

Aarhus Wet City

The installation is part of the biotechnical project Aarhus Wet City. The project aims to collaboratively test the new application of digital and biotechnologies to the urban realm in the city of Aarhus. To achieve this goal, a living folly is installed in the harbour and work as an incubator of the micro-ecologies present in the city’s urban waterways.

The installation will make such ecosystems visible to all and instigate visions of a future where microorganisms will contribute to the city’s own expanded metabolism, by filtering urban wastewater, digesting organic waste, growing biofuels as well as super-food for humans and animals.

At the same time, a new urban planning interface is proposed to harvest the collective intelligence of the Aarhus’ population in the crafting of the future blue-green plan of the city.

The project is run by ecoLogicStudio and ADAPT-r PhD-fellow Marco Poletto, who is currently completing his PhD project Systemic Architecture: From cyber-gardens to bio-cities at Aarhus School of Architecture.

Read more about the Aarhus Wet City project:

The project is supported by Aarhus Municipality and the Ministry of Education and Research.

What is an urban algae folly?

Urban Algae Folly is the world’s first living architecture integrating microalgal cultures and real-time digital cultivation protocols within a soft ETFE skin.

A special CNC welding technology is at the core of it and enables to design and control the morphology of the cushions under stress as well as the fluid dynamic behaviour of the nutritious medium as it travels through it.

Marco Poletto and ecoLogicStudio has exhibited various projects around the world, e.g. at the Venice Biennale: