First drawing of the Year 2016

Live drawing in the canteen 31 August - 9 September

The event First Drawing of the Year is a live execution of a 12-metre-long drawing on the wall in the school’s canteen. The work-title of the drawing is Necessism and it is done by architect Asbjørn Staunstrup Lund.

The artwork is completed during five days, which allows all the canteen’s visitors the opportunity to experience the drawing and design process live. The drawing will be made during August and September in connection with the announcement of the international student competition Drawing of the Year.

Asbjørn Staunstrup Lund graduated from Aarhus School of Architecture in 2015 with the project The Fairy Tale of Mærsk. He works at Vandkunsten Architects, the Scandinavian Design College and owns the drawing office ASLA.

Necessism – a necessary ism

Input from the school’s students constitutes a substantial part of the work. Asbjørn welcomes analogue contributions in the form of post-it stickers placed directly on the drawing wall in the canteen. You can also communicate with him digitally on his Instagram profile aslalab with comments or use the hashtags #necessismAARCH and/or #FDOTY2016 on your own images on Instagram. Remember to use the handle @aslalab for Asbjørn to see your input.

You can also post input on his Facebook page ASLALAB. Students can comment freely on and interact with the drawing’s development, which also helps ensure the work’s originality.

The drawing will be created based on a mixture of intuitive use of materials, freestyling and perspectival speculations. Asbjørn’s fondness for technique and service aesthetics, located in his muscle memory, will also characterise the drawing.




“As a theme and a politically oriented vision Necessism can be seen as adventurous idealism in which the spontaneity of fantasy is given free rein without conventions and norms.

Today, innovation has been demoted to evolution. The Danish political party Alternativet is a political backlash we designers and architects should be inspired by, instead of being so wimpy in our approach to design as a common right. Is my hairdresser a designer? No, I don’t think he is… I want a world where necessity defines a new type of currency,” says Asbjørn.

Live drawing

Asbjørn will perform live drawing during the canteen’s opening hours on 31 August, 1 – 2 September and 8 – 9 September. First Drawing of the Year is completed 9 September with an artist talk at 14.00 in the canteen. Everybody is welcome to join the event.