Overcoming constraints of the work of architects in Denmark

A roundtable discussion on Monday 23 April at Godsbanen

Research Lab ´Emerging Practices and Sustainability in Architecture´ organizes a roundtable discussion in the framework of FORSK!

The roundtable discussion is titled “Overcoming constraints of the work of architects in Denmark”, with the subtitle “How architects work (or are forced to work)”.




The key questions are the ones raised by Oliver Wainwright, architectural critic of ‘The Guardian’:

“Is procurement too bureaucratic, risk-averse and a barrier to the best design? Stuck in a quagmire of pre-qualification questionnaires, turnover requirements and professional indemnity demands, many practices find much potential work is out of their reach. Unable to get on to framework agreements and denied the chance to design a certain type of building if they haven’t built one already, architects are stuck in a hopeless catch-22 situation. Even when they are eligible, they are often forced to compete on price, rather than design quality, leading to a detrimental race to the bottom. With the cost of procurement to both clients and bidders now reaching up to 30% of a contract’s value, how can these cumbersome, prohibitive systems be overhauled?”

Does that also apply to Denmark?

The roundtable will consist of:

Julian Weyer, C.F. Møller
Mikkel Schlesinger, Cebra
Eske Bruun, Architect
Anne Pålsson, FAOD
Jesper Pagh, former director of Arkitektforeningen
Gitte Juul, architect and PhD student Aarhus School of Architecture
Angela Gigliotti, PhD student Aarhus School of Architecture
Walter Unterrainer, professor Aarhus School of Architecture
Moderator: Niels Albertsen, prof. em. Aarhus School of Architecture

Each participant will do a 7 minutes statement and then there will be a discussion including the audience.

Where: Godsbanen
When: Monday 23 April, 17.00-19.15