Architecture and Material Resources / Waste

Lectures on sustainability.

Professor Walter Unterrainer presents 8 lectures on sustainability.

The next lecture is 24 April in ‘Gymnastiksalen’, Paradisgade 4-6 at 12.45:

Architecture and Material Resources / Waste

August 2nd, 2017 was the world overshoot day, this means
on a global scale, the bio-capacity of 1,7 planets is consumed annually.
The level of Danish consumption requires 3,6 planets every year.

What is the contribution of the built environment and
architecture and how can we turn it?
The lecture gives examples of resourceful and inspiring
architectural projects avoiding and upcycling waste.


Titles and dates of the lectures:

  • 06 February: Architecture and Sustainability – an Introduction
  • 27 February: Architecture and Water
  • 06 March: Architecture and Air
  • 13 March: Architecture and Biodiversity
  • 20 March: Architecture and Climate (-change)
  •  17 April: Architecture and Energy
  •  24 April: Architecture and Land Use
  • 08 May: Architecture and Material Resources / Waste

All lectures are held in ‘Gymnastiksalen’, Paradisgade 4-6, at 12.45. Everyone is welcome!