Upcoming PhD courses and masterclasses

The PhD School is hosting different PhD courses and masterclasses during the academic year.
The courses are aimed at PhD fellows within architecture, landscape architecture and related fields – both from the school and other relevant institutions.

Here you can find a list of active PhD courses and masterclasses:

PhD Masterclass: Building cultures, material studies, tectonics, poetics and technology
On November 30, Aarhus School of Architecture will host a Masterclass. It will be attended by professor emeritus Adrian Forty (Bartlett School of Architecture), professor Paul Emmons (WAAC, Virginia Tech, Washington Alexandria) and professor emeritus Ákos Moravánszky (ETH Zürich). All three are experienced PhD supervisors and have taught theory and history with a particular interest in material studies, viewed from different angles.
November 30

PhD Masterclass: Exploring Post-Human Territory
This course gives an introduction to post-humanism and discusses it in relation to contemporary architectural design practices. The course will prove a critical discussion of key terms and design concepts from post-humanism. The focus will be on the new hybrid ecologies, in which the borders between that which has been naturally formed, and that which has been designed, are rendered blurry or even become dissolved.
December 20

PhD Course: Research – or how to get wiser
On November 8-9 and December 6-7 the PhD School will host a PhD Course on PhD methodology.
November 8-9 and December 6-7