Kimmernaq W. R. Lyberth

Siorarsiorfik - Urban Development of a New Subdivision in Nuuk

Graduation June 2017

In recent years, Greenland has become a hot topic in the discussion about global warming. Combined with curiosity about the huge island, Greenland has gained more recognition, which has shed light on many of the problems the country is facing.

One of the bigger problems in Greenland today is migration. People cannot find work in the small towns, which leads to an influx of people who move to the capital Nuuk in search of a more comfortable lifestyle. Therefore, Nuuk is in great need of new housing areas. This is our point of departure.


Kimmernaq Lyberth. Email: Tel: +45 42 23 69 00.

The project is based in the area of Siorarsiorfik, Nuuk, where climate and landscape are challenging. The intention is to create a new city district with a focus on density and public spaces.

The project focuses on culture, traditions and topography and criticizes the lack of hierarchy in the urban fabric of Greenland, where all land is common property. The project provides a different proposal for how we might create life and density in an arctic landscape.

The project is made in collaboration with Bodil Hemgård.



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Overall concept with text.