Alexandra Dumitras


Graduation June 2017

Liberal aims to cultivate equality, sustainability and empowerment throughout the isolated west coast cities of Denmark by promoting a hybridized utopian model inspired by the early Danish allotment movement and Christiania Freetown.


Alexandra Dumitras. Email: Tel: +45 71 48 13 99.

Liberal follows three programmatic strategies to achieve its ideological goals:

  1. Resurgence aims to rekindle the civic responsibility of the early Danish allotment movement and to restore selected strategies of social empowerment promoted by the youth of Christiania in the early 70s.
  2. Responsibility operates as the local currency becoming the single membership condition in Liberal. Inspired by existing businesses in Christiania Freetown, recycling, bio-gas production, and medicinal-use marijuana cultivation are new industries in the hybridized model. The activities, along with decontamination of industrial land, act as engagement barometers for each community.
  3. Resilience has important roles to play in ensuring that current architecture assets and cultural heritage are protected from long-term and acute effects and in developing revolutionary new spatial programs and systems fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

Arrival in Liberal.




The Abbatoir House.