Christina Kastalag Magnussen

Self-build community – a social housing project including refugees in Aarhus

Graduation February 2018

“Architecture should bring people together across age, language, culture and tradition”

For me, the most important factor when you design a building is to look at the context and the people you are designing for and with. Creating spaces that accommodate people’s needs is the basis for real beauty.

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Christina Kastalag Magnussen

This master thesis questions the way social housing is built today, in terms of space, identities, communities, economy and building method. It speculates on new and inclusive forms of design, production and inhabitation of these buildings in their urban context.

After visiting a refugee camp in Jordan, I was inspired by the way the refugees inhabited their new situation. They created their own identity through incremental self-building and adaptation, by creatively using any materials available to them.

In my thesis I investigate and test different forms of self-building strategies in a European context and a non-conformist architectural expression for people coming from very different cultures.

3. Wodden building system 6002. Atmosphere of self-building 800 1. Photo of model 600