Dongyuan Zhai

Non-permanent - Fading Architecture

Graduation February 2018

The focus will be on the northernmost point of Skagens Odde, Grenen.

Even if the life of a structure is born to be a process of disappearance in a precarious environment, burying or migration, it is still necessary to try to strike root. Look into the extreme and precarious area of Grenen right now. Here, the primary law is the variability of the nature.

Dongyuan Zhai

Dongyuan Zhai

The buildings are migrating or being buried by the rhythm of sandy and marine geological change, all day, every day. The core question of this project is to discuss whether it is necessary to seek stationarity and permanency of architecture in the constantly changing environment; and also to make the natural changing progress and specific natural phenomenon visible through an architectural method.

Three sites are linearly formulated from inland to the coastline. These buildings are aimed at providing the most basic program to create a sufficient experience of changing nature and natural elements, moving sand, the wind, sea water and lights. At this moment, people are the observers and the experiencers.

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