Henrik Nykjær

At Sea

Graduation February 2018

Denmark has been a pioneer in the now huge industry of offshore wind farms. These early projects have led to the construction of a number of farms, whose locations will be unfavorable for new wind turbines once the current ones are worn out. Removing the foundations will become at a great financial cost and have a negative impact on the marine life which has developed around them.

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Henrik Nykjær

My project takes its starting point in how these otherwise obsolete structures, foundations and towers can be utilized in the future. With the idea of a hotel at sea, I look into the potential building forms and tectonics that may result from the unique condition – balancing visual impact with spatial experience.

Through investigations I have chosen to develop my program around Middelgrunden Wind Farm. With its exclusive location, just outside Copenhagen, visible from the airport, the Øresund Bridge and from towers within Copenhagen, the chosen hotel program will benefit from the unique experience this place has to offer.

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