Lasse Vejlgård Kristensen

The eternal wanderer – An architectural dissemination of the artist, writer and restless rebel Asger Jorn

Graduation February 2018

This thesis investigates the life and art of the rebellious Asger Jorn, who throughout his colourful life pushed boundaries in every field he touched. Deservedly he stands as one of the most important Danish artists.

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Lasse Vejlgård Kristensen

The unique art collection he donated to the city of Silkeborg has a great potential for creating a new architectural framework; one that questions conventional approaches to museums.

This project exercises a deep reading and understanding of the artist’s work in order to discover crucial thoughts between art and architecture in relation to the notion of change – an essential quality of Jorn’s work.

My desire is to wander through the materiality of his turbulent life and art in order to allow this materiality to make me reflect upon space, form, concept, structure and context. Making a museum in the spirit of Asger Jorn.

“If you don’t go for the extremes, there is no reason to go”, Asger Jorn 1941

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