Liv Skovgård Andersen

Off site, in transit - An architectural ambassador

Graduation February 2018

Besides defining spaces, architecture conveys stories and communicates impressions. It is with an interest in the physical manifestation of contextual qualities that this project looks into architecture’s role as a tangible storyteller. And through this explore how we translate contextual identities of multiple scales into architectural moments.

Liv Skovgård Andersen 725x442

Liv Skovgård Andersen

Today, traveling in a vast network of highway systems often removes us from exploring regional identity and contextual layers. This thesis investigates the role of storytelling and local character in the neutral space of transit.

Creating an architectural ambassador, a building not only communicating between two different worlds but intriguing a sense of wonder and curiosity in a space of common continuity.

Situated near Liege in Belgium, the proposal explores the rich material depth and identity of the region as well as potentials in the neglected public space of the travel plaza.

2017-01-01_VISUAL 01_Sketch Views_600ppi2017-01-01_VISUAL 01_Merging Collage_600ppi 2017-01-01_VISUAL 01_Mapping Belgium_600ppi