Mathias Svarre Skovbo

Museum and Studios in Viborg Baneby - Bridging traditions and technologies using brick

Graduation February 2018

My thesis project takes departure in a certain interest in combining some of today’s new technologies and material properties with the knowledge of Danish handicrafts and the rational mindset.

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Mathias Svarre Skovbo

For the project I returned to my roots, being my home town of Viborg, to work with the upcoming transformation of Viborg’s freight yard areas. Close to the listed roundhouse near my site, I chose to do a working museum as an expansion of the cultural facets of the development plan.

Masonry and brick have interested me during my master’s degree, affecting my thesis project as well. Through brick, I search for the spirit of the place, constructing the museum in a context foreign to the contemporary understanding of what a museum represents.

In my opinion, recognising the surroundings of the architecture and using these parameters in your project is of utmost importance, resulting in a more homogenous cityscape in the future.

Why deny the knowledge and experience we inherited from the past when we can use them in the present?

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