Mrunal J. Panchal

navigating through landscape - a polymath nature enthusiast’s reading room

Graduation February 2018

The thesis project derives from an interest in the endemic nature of architectural language and the built-environment that weaves together a texture inseparable from the land, the sun and the seasons.

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Mrunal J. Panchal

The project is an explorative approach to a site-specific architectural intervention. It includes a thorough process of  program formulation and architectural form finding – by approaching site-specific stories of natural and literary history that are encoded in the landscape of deceptively simple beauty of Runmarö, in the Stockholm archipelago. This has been an inspiration for a generation of nature explorers, orchid hunters and also a literary inspiration.

The literary inspiration of the island is used as a motivation to unfold the dialogue between the land-form and architectural outcome.

The resulting outcome is an architectural proposal consisting of three structures introduced along the spine of an orchestrated walk in the -scape of the lime stone quarry – ‘kalkbergskärret’. Here, the path is thought of as “walking – an aesthetic practice”. A practice that celebrates and creates peculiar conditions, making the architectural matter of its utmost endemic nature.

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