Rasmus Lykke Toftdahl

An Exploration Of Alpine Architecture – Multi-purpose hall Verbier

Graduation February 2018

How do you create a sentimental monumental architecture? What aspects have to be taken into consideration? What is a public space that is collective and defines an architecture that is specific to its environment?

Rasmus Lykke Toftdahl 725x442

Rasmus Lykke Toftdahl

By allowing this, architecture will strike a balance between the specificity of the place and autonomy form. Architecture can thereby aspire to confer dignity, identity and sense of belonging upon places of civic community life through a fundamental approach that can transcend the point in time at which it emerges and establish a temporal link between past, present and future.

Nevertheless, it is still necessary for architecture to create a link – relationship with its context. An architecture which aspires to belong to a place but at the same time to belong to all places.

Professionally, I see myself as being thorough and pragmatic, but also having a feeling for moods, needs and having good human sense, which I always try to incorporate into my work. I’m good at observing and sensing the surroundings and I am very intuitive in my social experience, which I use in my work. I primarily strive to design architecture for people and not icons.

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