Rikke Langkjær

Resilient Flood Protection Strategies - A Development of Constructions with Architectural and Spatial Potentials in Vejle

Graduation February 2018

Climate is changing and creating a variety of new problems we need to face. This puts us in a position where we need to rethink the way we develop and address our urban environments.

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Rikke Langkjær

Using Vejle as site, the thesis investigates the increasing challenge of flooding through a development of  constructions  with  architectural and spatial potentials. The constructions should not only address the risk  of  flooding in a pragmatic and technical way, but also create spatial experiences and by that add extra value to the city and  the citizens.

The duality of the project reflects my interest and analytical approach towards architecture. With the starting point of addressing an actual problem, the goal is to use architecture as a mediator to create spaces and experiences.

The contradictory clash between the water being a threat which causes huge problems in urban environments, and being a beautiful, relaxing and energizing element suggests great architectural potentials.

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