Sigurd Rubin

In-between place and spirit

Graduation February 2018

The theme of this thesis project derives from a fascination with the relationship between man and nature, and its boundaries. Today, one way of understanding and communicating the nature of a specific habitat is by detaching it from its origin and isolating it in bubbles that we call “nature” centers.

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Sigurd Rubin

These create frameworks that reproduce reality, becoming simply observatories of quantified data. These places offer an experience of detachment instead of one of embodied experience with nature.

Detachment is deeply rooted in our culture, perhaps as a consequence of our technological development. To a greater extent, we experience the world through digital media, which selec­tively affect our body and spirit. We have become observers instead of participators of places.

By investigating the boundaries between man and nature, this thesis proposes an architecture that acts as a local and poetic mediator in order to amplify the spirit of a place in an attempt to reconnect it with the spirit of man.

The specific location of this thesis is on Fanø, a changing landscape characterized by its many physical and cultural boundaries.

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