Thea Asboe Mikkelsen

Reframing Ovartaci - A journey through identity and space

Graduation February 2018

Louis Marcussen (1894-1985) was a patient at the psychiatric hospital in Risskov, Denmark, for 56 years. Over the course of his stay he changed gender and named himself Ovartaci.

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Thea Asboe Mikkelsen

Ovartaci was a suffering soul. The urge to find herself in endless transitions through mental and physical states is clearly reflected in her works, painting, sculptures and the things in between.

Museum Ovartaci has been hosting the art of the mentally ill since the establishment of the museum in 1921. Due to the relocation of the hospital, this thesis proposes a new museum with a strong identity and an architectural framework for the works of Ovartaci.

Ovartaci’s art needs an architectural framework that can capture and translate the many themes from a life full of suffering and pain. A place where the ambiguity of art and architecture can meet in a unique symbiosis.

This thesis will investigate how a museum for Ovartaci can be designed, and how it could capture her art and individuality through architecture.

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