Aarhus 2017: Architecture Moves

Exploring the architectural potential of the region

The school’s contribution to Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture is a study of how architecture affects our surroundings and moves us as human beings. Over the coming semester, 180 students of architecture and 20 teachers will be working together with local and international partners on developing the Central Jutland Region, in a project called Architecture Moves.

The starting point of the project is an exploration of the region’s DNA. The region is changing but is also deeply rooted in its history and culture. Nature and the landscape have influenced the region’s development – socially, economically and in terms of architecture. In a series of architectural projects, students from our school examine how we can create sustainable and vibrant environments and landscapes.

We want to rethink the challenges society – and the region – are facing and develop alternative solutions, while focusing on a sustainable future.


Aarhus School of Architecture paints the town blue!

The culmination of the project Architecture Moves will be a very different kind of exhibition: an interactive exhibition along the tracks of the new light rail system at Nørrebrogade, in Aarhus. You will come across numerous projects on the light rail stations, on the facades of buildings, and in Vennelystparken – projects that present the students’ ideas and visions for the architectural potential of the region.

You will see Nørrebrogade in a whole new light when the school takes over the urban space in August and September and paints the town blue. In this period, the school will be organising several events where students can present their projects.

Architecture Moves are sponsored by The Aarhus 201 Foundation, BL – The Social Housing Sector and Aarhus Kommune.