Digital book: Poetics of Necessity

A collection of works by bachelor students

The publication Poetics of necessity – Vol. 1. Unit’s 2+3E journey in search of environmental imagination presents a collection of student works conducted during the fall semester of 2016.

The publication contains a summary of the semester, photographic chronicles of field trips, workshops, studio events and much more.

This publication is an attempt to record the journey undertaken during the academic year 2016/2017. Its organisation corresponds to the experimental approach of the unit, intertwining pieces of collective and individual works, as well as mode of studies.

The publication is edited by Teaching Associate Professor Claudia Carbone and Temporary Lecturer Angus Hardwick.

Volume I is only available as a digital publication. Volume II is due to be published both digitally and as a limited printed version in fall 2017.

Exploring polarities

The bachelor students at Unit 2+3E explore the environment through the dynamics of the landscape, and they operate between the boundaries of the knowable and unexpected or uncertain.

The unit’s interest lies in unravelling relationships, (ex)tensions, and blurring polarities between the natural and the artificial, climate and weather, the material and the immaterial, the body and the environment. The unit examines the co-existence or hybridisation of these polarities and how they manifest or materialise in spatial propositions.

The study method practiced in the unit 2+3E emphasises experimental approaches and the exchange of ideas and projects that are formulated by the students.

The unit operates within the Teaching Programme 3: Sustainability. In this context, the unit is conceived as an intensive and vibrant workspace in which different disciplines and methodologies interact, stimulating and supporting alternative ways of thinking and making environmentally and socially engaged architecture.