Robotics technology for the building sector

Cooperating with Odico Formwork Robotics on developing a new, easily accessible software platform

Aarhus School of Architecture has entered into an agreement with Odico Formwork Robotics ApS – a company that develops robotics technology for the international building sector. The aim of this collaboration is to develop a new and easily accessible software platform for architects. This is part of the Aarhus School of Architecture’s strategic focus on digital design and fabrication. Over several years, the school has invested heavily in workshop facilities for the digital production of architecture.

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New forms of teaching

“The purpose of the agreement is to exploit the synergy effect of cooperation between a knowledge institution and a company. We expect the cooperation to provide a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and knowledge, both in terms of developing new forms of teaching and using robotics technology experimentally, which may help create architecture of high quality”, says Rector Torben Nielsen, Aarhus School of Architecture.

A wide range of users

Odico’s Head of development, Architect Asbjørn Søndergaard, looks forward to cooperating with the school:
“We want to make it simple to use advanced robotics technology, to make it a tool that is accessible for a wide range of users. The agreement with Aarhus School of Architecture allows us to test the software platform in teaching. We will also be able to identify the limitations and challenges of the functionality of the platform for creating architecture.”

Extended functionality and cooperation

The idea is to extend the functionality of the platform to involve not only robotic manufacturing but also CNC milling machines, water jet cutters, etc. The project consequently has the potential to simplify the way we use a large part of the production machinery of Aarhus School of Architecture.

Aarhus School of Architecture and Odico ApS both expect the agreement to cooperate to result in ideas and initiatives for further cooperation. We also expect more partners to join the cooperation.

Interacting with the profession

“On the whole, we focus on interacting more closely with the profession, as we believe it helps prepare our students for the labour market. As an institution, this interaction gives us a clear sense of what is happening outside the school. It also provides relevant input to teaching and helps build a network our students can benefit from. In all modesty, we also believe we, as a school, have much to offer the profession”, Rector Torben Nielsen concludes.