Solana Open Aviary at Venice Biennale 2016

Project by PhD-Fellow Marco Poletto and ecoLogicStudio

Solana Open Aviary by PhD-Fellow Marco Poletto and ecoLogicStudio is part of the Solana Project for the Montenegro Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2016.

The project proposes to redevelop the artificial territory formerly occupied by the salt production plant near Ulcinj in Montenegro into an augmented ornithological park where it will be possible to study, experience and affect the co-evolution of humans and birds.

The project spurs from the realization that a social disconnection between urban development and the understanding of the local landscape is taking place, with evident negative repercussions in both realms.

The key design concept for the project is to promote the emergence of a new kind of natural reserve: a boundless, open, and networked man-made ecosystem. The project embraces the implications of its concept at all scales, from the intercontinental to the molecular.

The various prototypes for the project are made at Aarhus School of Architecture.

The Montenegro Pavilion has been highlighted in the renowned architecture and design magazine Dezeen as a must-see at the biennale.

openaviary -prototype2

Prototype produced in the fabrication labs

160205_hi res 2 satellite view

Prototype produced in the fabrication labs