The properties and potentials of materials

The School receives DKK 5.9 million from the Danish Council for Independent Research

Aarhus School of Architecture receives DKK 5.9 million from the Danish Council for Independent Research, Humanities for the project Material Imagination: Reconnecting with the Matter of Architecture. Professor Thomas Bo Jensen is project manager.

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“The project is based on the belief that we share an experience of materials that has deep roots in our cultural history. But in recent history – and particularly in the digital age – the distance to the way we immediately and bodily sense materials has increased. In order to restore our direct connection with materials, there is consequently a need to explore the ‘inner lives’ of materials, their properties, and potentials – in the physical as well as the philosophical sense,” says Thomas Bo Jensen.

Marble, wood, and concrete 

The intention is, through three interconnected sub-projects, to study some of the most basic materials: marble, wood, and concrete. These studies will be carried out using the most advanced digital tools, such as 3D scanners, ultrasound, robotics, laser cutters and robotic hotwire cutting.

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DFF (h 600)
DFF (725x442)“Like Michelangelo in his workshop, we will study the physical and aesthetic properties of materials with the aim of wresting from them new answers and possibilities of expression. These efforts will, among other things, lead to the development of new potential building components,” Thomas Bo Jensen elaborates.

The project’s discoveries will be communicated on a regular basis through conferences and articles, and the overall results will be exhibited and collected in book form after the three-year duration of the project.

About the Danish Council for Independent Research

The aim of the Danish Council for Independent Research is to promote the quality of Danish research and develop cooperation on Danish research. The Council provides support to one or more researchers who wish to investigate important scientific questions arising from the ideas of these researchers. A condition for receiving support is that the project has a clear and well-defined problem statement involving research activities of high international quality.

In 2016/17, the Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities awarded a total of 16 grants totalling almost DKK 85 million, with an average grant size of nearly DKK 5.3 million.