Concepts of Transformation

New publication: Fourteen small texts cover a perspective on change and transformation

Our physical environment is undergoing rapid changes and the book Concepts of Transformation is an academic discussion of the meaning of change or transformation when it comes to architecture and urbanism.

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“If every act of architecture is an act of transformation, then what distinguishes our understanding of transformation as different from how it’s understood by others?” the visiting professor André Mignucci asked to encourage the researchers at Aarhus School of Architecture to reconsider a well-known and often used concept within the architectural profession.

The book is the result of a collective process in one of the research clusters at Aarhus School of Architecture where different perspectives on transformation were discussed and formulated.

Fourteen small texts each cover a perspective on change and transformation supplemented with images by some of the involved researchers.

Title: Concepts of Transformation
Editor: Stefan Darlan Boris, Morten Daugaard, Andriette Ahrenkiel Jørgensen, Karen Olesen
Published: 2018
Language: English
ISBN: 978-87-90979-76-8
Publisher: Arkitektskolens Forlag
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 60
Price: 80 DKK

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