Montage Revisited

Rethinking Industrialised Architecture

A publication by Charlotte Bundgaard

The aim of this publication is to provoke a new way of thinking about industrial-based architecture. New industrialisation is the result of advanced IT and high-tech manufacturing processes.

Today the production machinery is flexible and adaptable and no longer requires the endless repetition of completely uniform elements. This opens up new perspectives and means that we have to rethink montage as an architectural strategy.


In her book, Charlotte Bundgaard formulates and discusses new perspectives on montage architecture. She suggests changes we will have to make to exploit the architectural potential of this new industrialisation. This demands, among other things, an altered approach to the creation of architecture, and to the design processes and roles of architects in the building process. Richly illustrated with photos and drawings.

The book is also published in a Danish language version called Montagepositioner.

Title: Montage Revisited
Format: 23 x 23 cm
Published: 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 9788790979362
Publisher: Arkitektskolens Forlag
Binding: Softcover
Page count: 164