Oles Have

A publication by Stefan Darlan Boris

For a year, landscape architect Stefan Darlan Boris photographed architect Ole Mouritsen’s garden Tjørnegaard in Beder a suburb of Aarhus. Through photos, he shows the different stages of decay and growth during the seasons.

The photos are supplemented by the introductory text Vejrhaven that explains, how the garden is a laboratory where Ole Mouritsen experiments with the relation between the natural and the cultivated – a dialogue between the gardener and nature’s own processes where the weather has a particular focus.


The pamphlet is highly recommended by Susanne Renée Grunkin, President at Danish Landscape Architects. In an editorial she writes “We ought to visit that garden and learn from it.”

Title: Oles Have
Format: 15 x 21 cm
Published: 2015
Language: Danish/English
ISBN: 978-87-93108-82-0
Page count: 32
Price: 50 DKK


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  • 07. Stefan Darlan Boris: Oles have
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  • 10. Can Lis: Bagatelles
  • 11. Engaging through Architecture

Individual pamphlets cost 50 DKK and can be bought at Archi Tegn.