På sporet af PH (In Search of Poul Henningsen)

Arkitekturteori fra Klingen til Kritisk Revy

A publication by Carl Erik Bay

Today, almost 100 years after the young PH profiled himself as a cultural critic, the first attempt is made to treat in detail the initial phase of PH’s authorship from Klingen (1917 – 1920) to Kritisk Revy (1926 – 1928).

Carl Erik Bay discusses the position of PH in Danish cultural debate following  World War I, based on the theoretical and philosophical aspects suggested by the material – and the contours of a new look at PH as a philosophically-oriented theorist of the arts and architecture emerge.

The content of the book is the result of Carl Erik Bay’s contribution to the research project entitled “Poul Henningsen og den danske kulturarv” (Poul Henningsen and Danish Cultural Heritage) carried out at the University of Southern Denmark.

The book is in Danish language only.

Title: På sporet af PH
Format: 15,5 x 23 cm
Published: 2012
Language: Danish
ISBN: 9788790979348
Publisher: Arkitektskolens Forlag
Binding: Softcover
Page count: 192