An imperative for plurality and context

A publication edited by Walter Unterrainer

Together with Habitation and Transformation, Sustainability is one of the three focus areas of Aarhus School of Architecture.

The new book Sustainability – An imperative for plurality and context explores the concept of sustainability. What is the definition of “sustainability”? How can “sustainability” become a focus area, while being one of the most misused notions of our time, widely degenerated to a blurred buzzword for the marketing of almost anything and heavily contested among the profession and in academia?

Through a broad range of contributions from the school faculty, the book reflects the plurality of themes, ideas and approaches to sustainability at Aarhus School of Architecture.


Title: Sustainability – An imperative for plurality and context
Published: 2015
Language: English
ISBN: 978-87-909-7953-9
Publisher: Arkitektskolens Forlag
Binding: Softcover
Page count: 80
Price: 100 DKK