Requirements – Drawing of the Year 2016

The competition theme

The theme of Drawing of the Year 2016 is Habitation. The drawing must address this theme. However, the theme can be interpreted freely and the competition welcomes experiments. The theme is not limited to a certain scale or place.


Participants must be students enrolled in or having graduated from a school of architecture in January 2016 or later. Entries from PhD students from a school of architecture are also welcome.

Students who are on leave or doing an internship and who are later to resume their studies may also participate.

Number of drawings

One participant may submit ONE drawing.


It is important that we have received your drawing no later than 1 November 2016 at 12.00 noon (CET). Entries received after the deadline will not be considered for the competition.

Format and size

Only drawings made with digital technology are accepted.

Size of drawing: No more than 100 x 100 cm. The resolution of all submitted drawings must be at least 300 dpi when scaled to A4 size (210 x 297mm) in one of the following formats: JPEG, PNG, EPS, PDF, TIFF. Max file size: 1GB

Digital drawing

Digital drawings are created by using digital technology. It can e.g. be hand drawn sketches scanned and further developed digitally or 3D modeled drawings processed and developed in graphic digital programs. The aim is to explore the digital drawing as a media for creative artistic development.


Drawings must be submitted via WeTransfer to Please make sure, that your submission contains a unique ID (see below). Furthermore it is important that you name your file with the unique ID.

Drawings submitted as physical print or sent via email will NOT be taken into consideration for the competition. It is the participant’s own responsibility to secure that the drawing is uploaded in the right format.

Identification word and numbers

You have to make up your own identification word and three numbers (e.g. RED123).

Please write the unique ID here:

  • in the message field on your WeTransfer
  • in the digital registration form (see below).

It is also important that you name your file with your unique ID. The word may not be connected with the entrant.

To ensure the anonymity of the participants, please do not post your actual entry for the competition on social media in such a way that your identity is revealed.

Digital registration of your submission

At the same time as transferring your drawing, you must register your submission. The procedure of digital registration is very important in order to keep track of the drawings.

Please check that the identification word and number you register digitally are identical with the word and numbers you state on your WeTransfer.

Registration is now closed


You also have the opportunity to submit a film showing how you made your drawing or any inspirational supplement to your drawing.

The film is optional and will NOT be part of the evaluation. If selected, the film will be part of the curated Drawing of the Year 2016 exhibition.

Film length: no more than two minutes.

The film should be submitted via WeTransfer together with your drawing.

Drawing produced in groups

Drawings may be produced individually or in groups. Just tick the box I produced this drawing as part of a group in the submission form and fill in all participant’s names.

Student projects

Drawings produced as part of students’ educational programmes are very welcome. This means that drawings which are part of students’ final projects can be submitted. If you apply as a group, all members must be connected to a school of architecture or have graduated January 2016 or later.

Permission to publish your drawing

By transferring your drawing you give Aarhus School of Architecture permission to use it in exhibitions at the school and on other locations. You also give us permission to post it on the school’s website and in a book containing a curated selection of the drawings. You will always be credited for the drawing.

Following the awarding of prizes, the Aarhus School of Architecture reserves the right to publish submitted drawings on social media in connection with the names of the participants.


At the curated exhibition of drawings submitted for the Drawing of the Year 2016 competition, selected drawings will be exhibited together with the participant’s name, institution, and nationality.

The drawings will be exhibited at the Aarhus School of Architecture from 2 December 2016 – 2 January 2017.