The Spine

Studio Digital Transformation, Master Students and Professors

Dimensions: L 500 x W 300 x 150 cm
Materials: Artificial Reet (PVC)
Sponsor: Novariet (NL)

The Spine explores the material qualities of artificial straw and the potential of the historic building techniques of thatching, a craft which has been passed on from generation to generation. The Spine puts into perspective the potentials of using history as a catalyst to develop architecture of a performative and engaging nature.




Introducing new ways of threading the synthetic straw material reveals a great potential from a computational design perspective. The main driving force in the digital fabrication process is the School’s six-axis robot, which plays an essential role and was implemented as the main production tool right from the beginning.

“Our focus is the translation of traditional thatching as the craft of building a roof of dry vegetation into a computer aided process and methods of digital fabrication.”

Video: The Spine – Experiments in robotic thatching

See video from the process of making the Spine with robotic thatching.


The Spine is made by Master Students Rikke Thyregod Langkjær, Imke Schubert, Daniel Birch, Kristoffer Codam, Mads Baj Engedal, Mads Hundahl and Orion Keith from Studio Digital Transformation.