Nordic Master in Architectural Heritage

The Nordic Master in Architectural  Heritage – NORDMAK –  is an academic supplementary  programme in architectural  heritage. NORDMAK bridges the gap between theory and practice and provides students with skills in theory formation, exploration, documentation  and a value-based work method within the subject area as well as process management skills. We call the programme a Nordic master for the reason that the four semesters are located in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland respectively.




What is NORDMAK?

  • NORDMAK is an investment in the future – for heritage, for the workplace and for the students who will be front runners when it comes to understanding, defending, enhancing and communicating the architectural  heritage of buildings, towns, cultural environments, and landscapes
  • NORDMAK is based in Denmark, at Aarhus School of Architecture. The programme is, however, inter-Nordic with close cooperation between our school and The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Aalto University in Helsinki, involving teachers and students from all the Nordic countries NORDMAK provides the foundation fora Nordic network of experts across the participating countries
  • NORDMAK is aimed at fully-qualified graduates who work with architectural heritage, including architects, engineers, design engineers, planners, residential building managers, archaeologists, historians and museum curators – from private as well as public companies, organisations, and administrations
  • NORDMAK provides supplementary education to participants – professional as well as methodical – which allows them to manage and disseminate architectural  heritage at a high level
  • NORDMAK contributes to the personal development of participants, enabling them to argue their case based on theory, to learn to communicate the subject area to a wide range of stakeholders, and equips them to give impact to their specialised knowledge.

The programme was set up in 2007 and has been approved by The Danish Ministry of Culture.

The current group of NORDMAK students comprises seven architects, an engineering architect, an art historian, a building contractor, and a theologian. Follow the below link to read more about what current and former participants gained from the programme.

About the study

NORDMAK is a part-time programme spread over 2.5 years which equals one fulI-time equivalent (FTE) or 60 ECTS credits. The course has been planned to create synergy between you and your place of work.

Mandatory teaching requiring the presence of students is limited to one week per semester, alternating between the different Nordic countries. In addition to this, students are required to submit three group assignments and one individual assignment per semester.

NORDMAK allows you to use assignments and cases from your daily work as a basis for your studio assignments. This allows for a degree of immersion you rarely find time for at your workplace.

The programme is taught in and assignments submitted in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. Some lectures will, however, be held in English. When writing assignments, participants receive supervision via Skype.

Mogens A. Morgen, architect and professor of architectural heritage at Aarhus School of Architecture, is the programme’s academic leader and has overall responsibility for the NORDMAK programme. He is a former head of office in the Agency for Culture and Palaces and has a broad knowledge of the area of building culture. Mogens was himself a NORDMAK student from 2007 to 2009.


NORDMAK admits 12-16 participants on the basis of an application form. Asa rule, applicants must:

  • hold a Master’s degree
  • have minimum two years’ relevant professional experience

Price and application

The tuition fee is DKK 28,000 per semester, which corresponds to DKK 140,000 for the entire NORDMAK programme. Expenses for travels, accommodations, course literature and, to same extent, meals are not included in the fee.

The next NORDMAK programme commences September 2018. The application deadline is 30 May. Your application will be assessed based on its academic and professional merits. We will inform you whether you have been admitted on 14 June.

Criteria we prioritise when admitting students to NORDMAK:

  • Your ability to give reasons for your interest in the subject area
  • The relevance of your previous experience to the programme
  • Explaining your motivation


lf you  want to know more or you want to register for the programme, you have to contact education administrator Monica Mikkelsen.