15feb(feb 15)0:0017mar(mar 17)0:00ExhibitionCLAY VARIATIONSExhibition of tiles made through clay casting and digital form generation(february 15) 0:00 - (march 17) 0:00 TYPE OF ACTIVITYExhibition

Event Details

How can traditional materials and technologies be linked with digital form generation and digital fabrication techniques to enable new forms of expression and variation in architecture?

To answer this question, a group of bachelor students participated in a five-week course on clay casting, digital fabrication and parametric variation. While exploring the architectural theme Openings, the challenge was to design and produce a tile that can be part of a perforated wall construction.

The course resulted in a collection of tiles that are exhibited in the canteen.

When: 15 February – 17 March 2016, daily 8.45 – 15.00
Where: Aarhus School of Architecture, The Canteen, Nørreport 18, 8000 Aarhus C

The clay course

Through hands-on experimentation with materials and technology, a new fabrication process has been developed, and during the course a broad spectrum of tiles was produced through systematised fabrication.

The potential of achieving further variation in the architectural expression was explored through the use of the parametric form-generation tool, Grasshopper. Rhino 3D, T-splines and CNC milling were used in the design process and for producing casting moulds for the tiles.

The design intent for the castings was to test the relationship between geometry, fabrication and material properties in order to generate an architectural building component with specific characteristics and qualities in terms of the way light is reflected and filtered.


February 15 (Monday) 0:00 - March 17 (Thursday) 0:00