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In late February and early March 2019 a group of 60 students and tutors from STUDIO 3 and UNIT F´s made a joint venture to Cuba and accomplished a plan, including fieldwork, visits, lectures, excursions, and a conference.

Among many other discoveries, the multilayered architectural heritage of Havana, made of transformations, juxtapositions, and densifications over time, stands out as an extremely inspirational new way of looking at the constructed environment.

Enjoy the videos and the music in CANTINA CUBANA, and experience selected fragments of Cuba´s extraordinary daily life.

Studio 3: Sofie Pelsmakers, Nacho Ruiz Allen, Mads Nyggard, Tommy Bruun.

Unit F: Thomas R.Hilberth, Ula Kozminska, Eva Rosborg Aagaard, Kim Pretzmann Olesen, Troels Bach Thorbjørnson.


june 12 (Wednesday) - 30 (Sunday)

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