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Event Details

Logbits is an exhibition that pieces together a (re)collection of different impressions experienced during a longer stay in Australia (12 July – 26 November 2017) by the architect, Teaching Associate Professor at Aarhus School of Architecture, Claudia Carbone. During this period behavioural patterns were established to ensure that the accumulation of experiences added up to a plenitude of representations that in combination made up an architectural view of the world.

About the exhibition’s various elements, Claudia Carbone writes:

Stationary Stationery

A series of 54 cards displayed on an apparatus that offers an insight into sections in time and a given experience of the data in specific relation to the viewer. The cards are mnemonic devices, such as a drawn logbook, a depiction of a situation, information, and surroundings. Giving into the moment and the format of the cards, the stationery was appropriated as an aesthetic (fixed) backdrop for the collection of memories, as souvenirs.

Under pressure

Flatness as a result of the action of collecting, gathering and preserving under pressure as a device for building up a collection based on nature as well as on other items of a cultural origin.

The exhibited items, which are displayed under pressure, become one under a flat condition of the preserved geometrical layered and distorted forms and characteristics of nature and culture. The display aims to establish a restricted and manipulated new contextual condition, as the items are not arranged by means of a usual taxonomy. They are merely floating structures keeping same spacing in between – equal distance.

Fragmented natures (7 mins)

A flickering film made using a selective and distorted approach based on a vast material acquired using the digital camera as medium. The aim of the work is to enhance recollections as an archival, selective superimposition of impressions that is too smooth? to please.

Inside out

The architecture establishes relations from the inside, calibrating a particular atmosphere. The surroundings are captured as a desirable tableau, drawing in the world and the horizon as intangible views.

Claudia Carbone is an architect and a teacher, educated from Aarhus School of Architecture. Her interests within artistic production include the representation of the serial, the structures of the small, and the act of collecting and mapping.

Where: Aarhus School of Architecture, the canteen, Nørreport 18, 8000 Aarhus C
When:  22 February – 16 April, daily 09.00  – 15.00.  Artist Talk 16 March 15.00

Everyone is welcome to visit the exhibition.



February 22 (Thursday) 9:00 - April 16 (Monday) 15:00