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In a technological world, how can architects nurture our relationship with the directness of materials? 85 bachelor students from Unit C+D are examining this question in a workshop in Vennelystparken, where they are creating an architectural bamboo promenade.

The workshop focuses on building culture, technology, and habitation as a contested ground for our relationship with the physicality of architecture. The workshop examines the notion of Material Imagination – a way of thinking about architecture that begins with the inherent aspects of materials, e.g. their cultural, tectonic, and haptic qualities as an inspiration for architectural design.

The promenade is a supplement to the school’s exhibition Architecture Moves.

When: 11 – 15 September 2017
Where: Vennelystparken, 8000 Aarhus C

The bamboo promenade

Using a single material and a simple tectonic vocabulary, the students are constructing a large, collectively built 1:1 structure – an architectural promenade.

Within the promenade, a different groups will have an individual site of 2m x 2m. To complete the promenade, each site must comply with two pre-defined openings and each structure must provide a place for a single person to rest, sit, or lean. Each group is allocated a pre-determined amount of bamboo and jute, and possible tectonic operations include e.g. cutting, bending, and weaving.

Using the bamboo material as a starting point, the students seek to answer several architectural questions, e.g. what does it take to make an enclosure? How does one define an entrance or exit, or create views? and how does one define perceptions of inside/outside?

Workshop tutors: Teaching Associate Professors Peter Mandal and Ann Aloy Kilpatrick, and Associate Professors Jonathan Foote, Peter Dahl, Kätte Bønløkke Andersen, and Niels Martin Larsen


11 (Monday) 0:00 - 15 (Friday) 0:00


Vennelystparken, 8000 Aarhus C